Logistics Management / LMI

Data Modeling, Project Planning, Development and Deployment, Parts and Maintenance Systems to support and forecast reliability throughout the product lifecycle.

Logistics and Product Life Cycle Support

Logistics really means the integration of services and technologies to support a product throughout its effective lifecycle. This support often incurs additional benefits, such as the extension of the product life and added efficiency in the supply chain.

Logistics Management — Review and Analysis — LMI

Logistics Management Information begins with understanding what our customer needs. DTB has a long, successful history of performing in-depth analysis that yields the development of a best-fit, cost-effective framework to answer your needs.

  • DTB Technical Services can design your system from scratch or implement your plans
  • We develop systems that use and re-use your data and can affect system-wide integration
  • Our consultants develop ‘straight-to-target’ plans that puts your project goals on track, double-quick time

DTB’s extensive data management and integration capabilities can change the way your process flows — from start to results.

Logistics Information Management Systems better manage configuration, maintenance, supply chain and technical data

Logistics • Reliability • Maintainability • Failure • Repair

DTB’s logisticians are experienced in the preparation of Logistics Management Information (LMI) in accordance with all government standards, including DoD Requirements for a Logistic Support Analysis Record (MIL-STD 1388 2A and 2B), and Performance Specification Logistic Management Information (MIL-PRF-49506).

Development of a comprehensive Logistics Support Plan based upon a detailed analysis of engineering design data is essential to establishing the most cost effective approach to ensuring optimum system or mission availability.

Our logisticians will work in concert with your engineering design team to influence system design based on operational and support considerations. We can also provide support at contractual design review meetings – SRR, PDR, CDR, etc. (SRR – System Requirements Review | PDR – Preliminary Design Review | CDR – Critical Design Review).