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Product lifecycle support for commercial and military programs. Equipment testing, logistics, parts management, documentation and compliance to standards.

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In the off-highway and heavy equipment markets performing maintenance and repair analysis, authoring parts manuals and documentation, complying to standards and creating better product.

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Testing and improving aircrew safety and survival equipment from ejection systems to helmets and visors. Specialized facilities, including windblast, analyze a complete range of performance factors.

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Performing electromagnetic and accelerated life testing for components and procedures to specifications of military, security and law-enforcement markets.

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Largest Independent Lab in the U.S.

Our lab is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 through A2LA (Certificate Nos. 0767.01, 0767.02 and 0767.03) and NVLAP (Lab Code 200422-0) for various types of testing; including, dynamic, environmental, acoustic noise, electromagnetic, metallurgical, and ballistics testing.  We also provide structural, fatigue, strain gauging, dimensional and other testing services – all under one roof and working 24/7 for your success.

Technical Publications & Services

S1000D Technical PublishingDTB’s technical writers and illustrators are fully knowledgeable of documentation standards and specifications including S1000D, ATA100, ATA iSpec2200, and MIL Specs such as MIL-STD-40051 & MIL-STD-38784. We develop standards-compliant information systems to enhance your enterprise. Advanced technical communications such as parts catalog IETM and complete logistic services are created and published to military or commercial requirements. More about tech pubs

Vibration and Dynamics Testing

All vibrations and impulses are not alike. Per your product requirements, Dayton T. Brown experts and technicians can reference industry standards or design a unique vibration or shock testing profile, using a wide variety of methodologies and test equipment in our extensive facilities. This encompasses acoustic and noise testing, seismic and earthquake testing as well as other areas.

Aviation / Aerospace

mrkt-thm-aeroDayton T. Brown provides a full range of technical and testing services to all areas of the aviation and aerospace industries. We have implemented comprehensive testing, technical publications programs and logistics support services for the most demanding airframe manufacturers, suppliers and completions centers in the world.


mrkt-thm-miliWe are proud to provide advanced support services to the U.S. and allied military. From windblast testing to IETM development, Dayton T. Brown’s  experienced staff offers specialized talents and test facilities required by the complete range of warfare an peace-keeping initiatives — all to required specifications. More about DTB’s military support services —

Rail / Mass Transit Systems

mrkt-thm-railMass transit operators rely on technical documentation and testing services provided by Dayton T. Brown maintain and extend equipment life. From the provision of manufacturing documentation to operation and repair manuals, DTB has a unique understanding of the complex requirements of the mass transit industries.

IT / Telecom / NEBS

mrkt-thm-nebsDTB can assist your networking and telecommunications product development needs by tailoring unique test protocols or testing your products to standardized regimens such as NEBS. We offer environmental, vibration and EMI/EMC testing to international standards, including commercial and military requirements, as well as providing manuals and technical documentation.

Off-Highway and Heavy Equipment

mrkt-thm-hwyAs equipment functionality and performance have rapidly evolved, so have the demands for supporting documentation and advanced testing capabilities. Reliable testing and the development of integrated information systems can be a key differentiator between competitive products. Today’s world-class heavy equipment requires world-class support and analysis.

Consumer Electronics

mrkt-thm-elecWhether you are after a special niche or attempting to grow laterally to multiple markets, DTB can show you the way. We can help you prove your product the right way, using thorough and supportive product testing techniques. And, our technical documentation authors can develop information to support new equipment or update existing pubs to evolving standards and end-user expectations.

 Logistics / LMI

hp-logIt’s not surprising that a business that collects, interprets and presents data views everything as quantifiable. But quantification is only part of the job. Our data analysis turns raw intelligence into usable information. Our expert analysts focus on your requirements to provide the most realistic path to your goals.

Life Cycle Testing

hp-lifeOur Life Cycle Testing Services encompass a complete range of environmental, electromagnetic and dynamic tests, analysis and product improvement opportunities. From shock and vibration to fungus and fog, our world-class test facilities provide all of the product analysis services you need. See more product testing capabilities —

A2LA Accredited Lab

hp-a2laAs an A2LA Accredited Lab, our facilities are regularly re-assessed as part of our commitment to the highest standards of quality-assurance and technical proficiency.  And, results from our accredited A2LA facilities mean greater acceptance in overseas markets, often obviating the need for further testing.

Technical Authoring

hp-docsTechnical documentation is comprised of many disciplines.  Included may be the development of content based on analysis of the systems described, advanced technical graphics — including 3D and exploded parts illustration, and the targeted delivery of data through IETM and other, best suited methods of information distribution.

Dayton T. Brown has provided advanced technical solutions for over 60 years!

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Largest A2LA Accredited Test Lab in the USA!



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