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Crate Test

Testing & Pub Services for Shipping/Transport Markets

DTB has developed test procedures for customers and, in many cases, has fixtures available for performing standardized tests. We have a full line of instrumentation available to provide our customers with the data that they need for a full evaluation of their products.

DTB performs a variety of environmental and vibration tests – many of which are covered by or similar to the type of testing that is identified in MIL-STD-810.

Besides the testing aspect of operations, we can provide a full spectrum of engineering services for failure investigation (root cause), product improvement, design/drafting, structural testing, and dynamics analysis.

We can also assist our customers with developing a test plan, procedures, reports, and item specifications for new products and their performance, including the ever-growing freighter conversion market!

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  • Vibration
  • Bounce
  • Transmissibility
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Isolation systems evaluation
  • Incline drop
  • Impact
  • Leakage
  • Conformance to drawing
  • Structural evaluation (static, fatigue)
  • Crush

  • Leakage
  • Rough handling – testing available for low, ambient, and high temperatures
  • Unsupported free-fall drop test
    • Flatwise drop test
    • Edgewise drop test
    • Cornerwise drop test
  • Rotational corner drop test
  • Rotational edge drop test
  • Pendulum impact test
  • Vibration tests
  • Handling characteristics
    • Mishandling by forklift
    • Single point lift
    • Modified single point lift
    • Hoisting test
    • Form and fit test
    • Forklift truck transport
    • Pushing test
    • Towing test
  • Hand-lift truck test
    • Rolling test
    • Shock test
    • Overload test
  • Incline impact
  • Concentrated load
  • Stacking test

DTB has extensive experience in following many of the test protocols that are used in the shipping/transport industries, including:

  • National Safe Transit Association
  • Air Transport Association of America
  • International Safe Transit Association
  • Railroad Intermodal Loading
  • Intermodal Loading in Closed Trailers and Containers
  • Packaging of Airline Supplies
  • Cargo Inspection Systems
  • Security Seals for Shipping Containers
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