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Research & Development/SBIR

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Dayton T. Brown, Inc. provides a complete line of contract research & development (R&D) services in a broad range of areas. Our staff of multidisciplinary experts, as well as our extensive testing facilities, provides the perfect environment to efficiently further your enterprise.

We also have been awarded several Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contracts to advance specific research in engineering disciplines. Some of the projects that we have worked on include the installation of landing gear bushings, assessments of alternative methods of fatigue testing, and reliable hydrogen embrittlement testing.

We are uniquely positioned to provide these services while protecting your proprietary technologies via well-established internal processes and employee training and awareness. Even if you do not see your specific area of interest from our listed R&D/SBIR capabilities, contact us – our innovative and diverse staff of engineers will spare no effort in trying to support your programs.

R&D/SBIR Services

Reliability Improvement Services

Reliability Improvement

Highly structured failure analysis approach for reliability improvements – MORE

Accelerated Aging Testing

Accelerated Aging

Aging's effects on performance and shelf life – MORE

Energy Efficiency Testing

Energy Efficiency

On-site or in-house energy analysis and feasibility studies – MORE

Diminishing Aircraft Parts Services

Diminishing Aircraft Parts

R&D, reverse engineering, prototyping for out-of-production aircraft parts – MORE

Explosive Blast & Shock Testing Services

Explosive Blast & Shock

Controlled pressure wave and shock pulse tests – MORE

High Cycle Fatigue HCF Testing

High Temperature/High Cycle Fatigue (HCF) Testing

High temperature military and commercial fatigue test programs – MORE

Alloy Application Development Services

Alloy Application Development

Highly controlled coupon-level tests tracking thermal and damage profiles – MORE

Automated Screening of Complex Assemblies

Automated Screening of Complex Assemblies

Advanced testing parameters welcomed, screenings designed to your needs – MORE

NDI Methods Development

NDI Development

Non-destructive investigatory profiles tailored to the most stringent requirements – MORE

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