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Metallurgical & Materials Services

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Dayton T. Brown, Inc.’s metallurgical laboratory is staffed with experienced metallurgists/materials engineers (MS/Ph.D.) and technicians (Level 2/Level 3 in various NDI techniques) – serving as a specialized resource for failure and engineering investigations, as well as metallurgical testing and analysis.

Our facility carries out detailed conformance-to-blueprint inspections; failure investigations, ranging from aircraft structural components to electronics packaging; test programs in corrosion-fatigue and corrosion analysis and control; wear/abrasion evaluations; coating replacement evaluations; weld evaluations; reverse engineering programs; and the development of advanced non-destructive screening techniques.

DTB is well-equipped with various non-destructive flaw detection techniques, borescopes, hardness measurement machines, stereomicroscopes, an inverted optical metallograph, high resolution digital imaging, a scanning electron microscope (SEM) with energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS), an arc emission spectroscope, metallographic sample preparation equipment, advanced image analysis software, and a comprehensive reference library and specifications database.

Metallurgical & Materials Services

Metallurgical & Materials Analysis

Metallurgical & Materials Analysis

Completely equipped and thoroughly staffed metallurgical laboratory – MORE

Failure Analysis Services

Failure Analysis

Our lab has conducted hundreds of complex failure investigations – MORE

Corrosion Testing & Analysis

Corrosion Testing & Analysis

DTB has a high level of expertise in solving a wide range of corrosion problems – MORE

Macro & Micro-Fractographic Characterization

Macro- & Micro-Fractographic Characterization

Expertise and equipment for highly complex fractographic analyses – MORE

Plating, Coating, & Surface Evaluation Services

Plating, Coating, & Surface Evaluations

Analyze plated/coated surface composition, hardness, and microstructure – MORE

Welding, Brazing, & Soldering Analysis

Weld, Braze, & Solder Analysis

Evaluate welds, optimize and troubleshoot processes, AWS conformance – MORE

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