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Effectively manage and guide new, sustainment, or conversion S1000D projects.

S1000D Services

Dayton T. Brown, Inc. can partner with your organization in order to effectively manage and guide new, sustainment, or conversion S1000D projects. We are ready to help our clients decipher the specification, as well as implement an S1000D compliant product and information architecture for their enterprise.

As specialists in the implementation of S1000D, DTB provides in-depth consulting and advisory services to analyze the steps needed in order to make your project successful and comply with the specification requirements. Oftentimes, clients need help with establishing their systems, selecting the right Common Source Database (CSDB), or setting up Business Rules. We sift through the details and identify the major decisions so that you can focus on the other areas of your business.

Our staff can help with the transition from legacy specifications into S1000D. In addition to performing a Needs Analysis, DTB can provide comprehensive S1000D training to acquaint your personnel with the intricacies of compliance, including:

  • Writing and developing S1000D Business Rules to support your projects
  • Presenting the fundamentals of S1000D to your organization to promote buy-in
  • Analyzing your customer’s data requirements
  • Interviewing key disciplines to determine in-house requirements and capabilities
  • Assessing in-house information systems and technologies
  • Implementing an S1000D capability in your company

Beyond S1000D training, we can serve as a support arm to handle your surge needs for specific S1000D tasks, such as S1000D project set-up, Business Rules, Data Module Requirements List (DMRL) development, authoring, illustration, publication module, Interactive Electronic Technical Manual/Interactive Electronic Technical Publication (IETM/IETP) preparation, and more.

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