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Windblast Testing

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Over 50 Years of Aviation Safety

Aircraft emergency egress during flight generates substantial loads on the aircrew member, personnel equipment and aircraft components. These aerodynamic forces can compromise occupant safety during the ejection scenario. For over fifty years, Dayton T. Brown, Inc. has been providing windblast testing services to evaluate safety for the aviator during aircraft emergency egress.

Enhanced Windblast Test Facility

For over forty years, Dayton T. Brown has been providing wind blast testing services to evaluate aircrew safety during emergency aircraft egress.

This is the primary use of our facility, though the unique capabilities of DTB’s windblast testing system are employed in a few types of specialized tests as it offers capabilities available in only a handful of facilities around the world.

BLAST-2Our windblast facility produces a high velocity air flow field similar to the aerodynamic environment external to the aircraft. This is accomplished with the controlled expansion of high pressure compressed air which exits from a rectangular nozzle. The air from the nozzles impinge on the test item, mounted on the positioning turntable. The dynamic effects are recorded with high-speed video cameras and electronic data transducers for analysis.

The benefits of DTB’s enhanced wind blast facilities

  • Large subject flowfield — 3 x 5 feet
  • Designed peak velocities to 700 knots equivalent air speed
  • Symmetrical airflow delivery across nozzle assembly
  • Advanced test requirements call for high velocity
  • More accurate simulation of ejection aerodynamic conditions

DTB has tested many types of components and systems:

Aircraft Canopies / Sections • Breathing Systems • Ejection Seats • Flight Clothing
Helmets & Visors • HUD System • Inflation Equipment • Laser Eye Protection • Limb Restraints
NBC Equipment • Night Vision Systems • Oxygen Masks • Retention Systems • RSSK Kits