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DTB Markets: U.S. Navy

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Our Testing Services have included First Article Testing of shipboard components as well as weapons systems.

DTB and the US Navy

DTB undertakes both Standard and Non-standard testing regimens for the Navy. Standard examples include MIL STD 167 1 or MIL STD 810 to the latest revision. We commonly use our engineering staff to determine a tests suited to a unique sailor situation or mission.

Our expert staff is also qualified to perform engineering and re-engineering work, as well as environmental, dynamics, EMI / electrical, armament & munitions, structural & fatigue, failure analysis and conformance inspection projects, both as a prime contractor and in support of other primes.

In addition, DTB’s Test Systems group builds capable, reliable and accurate test stands. The quality of each equipment part is critical to the success of our Navy’s missions. Our vast range of test systems and test stands include automated pump test stands, hydraulic motor test stands, general purpose component test stands, automated calibration test systems, custom fuel test stands, gear box test stands and many more. If none of our listed test systems or test stands are quite what you are looking for, rest assured that DTB can design a tailored test systems solution to meet your needs.

U.S. Navy Prototyping

DTB has the facilities, personnel and partnerships in place to support Prototype Development. Many times, Prototype Development crosses over and is a sub component of a larger program in the realm of Value Engineering, Reverse Engineering, Product Enhancement, Cost Reduction, Life Extension, Diminishing Aircraft Parts and Manufacturers. DTB has the expertise and suppliers capable of designing and fabricating precision parts for multiple applications within the land base, shipboard and aerospace communities. Examples of these include the fabrication of EA-6B tail pipes and E-2C hydraulic actuators. Land base equipment includes ejection seat and aircraft wing dollies.

DTB Delivers New Capabilities for the U.S. Navy

Cargo certification for large load on C-17DTB has delivered three “Mobile Quick Look-II” units to our Navy customer. While these appear at first glance to be slightly modified over the road trailers, they are much more. With the help of a standard tractor and a C-17 Cargo aircraft, they are deployable mission support centers capable of operating worldwide in conditions ranging from equatorial heat to arctic winters, fully equipped with a power generator, heating and cooling, communications and computer systems for 12 operators. Our program, managed from our Patuxent River office, represents collaboration and contributions from across the company. Department 2 modified a standard Featherlite Trailer to efficiently support multiple operations and incorporated structural improvements to allow for unrestricted carriage in the C-17 and C-5 cargo aircraft. From Department 1 and 4, we designed a lightweight EMI shield, trained Featherlite technicians in the installation and provided on site testing at the Featherlite plant in Cresco, Iowa. A number of engineers and technicians travelled to Patuxent River to manufacture, install and test more than 200 network cables and provide on-site support to install 18 computer racks loaded with Government Furnished Equipment. It is notable that, out of 600 cables over the three units we had no discrepancies or failures during initial testing of the systems. On the 18th of October of this year, we took one of the trailers to the US Air Force base in Dover Delaware and physically loaded it into a C-17 aircraft where it made a large aircraft look pretty small. Our Navy customer has praised these units as “far more capable than they ever expected” and is touting them to other programs and services as a standard solution to meet secure, capable deployable needs in the Command and Control arena.
  Some recent testing projects for the US Navy include:


  • Testing of aerospace spare parts for Dimensional and Metallurgical Conformance to the specified drawing requirements.
  • Life Extension of various aircraft components, extending the lifetime of these parts and reducing the intermediate maintenance intervals.
  • Material Evaluations and Failure Analysis of aircraft and shipboard component, accompanied by detailed test reports.
  • First Article and Production Lot Testing of shipboard and aircraft components, as well as weapons systems.
  • Design and fabrication of thoroughly dependable Hydraulic Test Stands for Navy components.

Navy Prototyping