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Transport, Shipping and Transportation Markets

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Testing Services
Testing Services for the Transportation and Shipping Market

DTB has developed test procedures for customers and in many cases has the available fixtures for performance of standardized tests. We have a full line of instrumentation available to provide our customers with the data needed for full evaluation of their products.

Technical Authoring
Technical Authoring for the Transportation and Shipping Market

Our Technical Services Division supplies operating and engineering manuals, parts catalogs, maintenance and repair manuals. Our logistic services include predictive maintenance systems with an emphasis on reliability and maintainability. Together, Dayton t. Brown offers total product life cycle support.

We’ve supplied technical solutions to transportation markets, markets and organizations for decades around the world.

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Our staff of in-house engineers, technical information and logistics specialists, designers, and technicians consists of individuals with many years of experience, the highest levels of education and a broad range of technical skills. Many of our personnel hold degrees in their various areas of expertise such as aerospace technologies, mechanical and electrical engineering, materials science, A&P technology, vehicle technologies, computer / information science, language and publishing technologies.