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DTB Markets: Transportation and Shipping

Contact DTB to discuss the advantages we can provide for transport and shipping industries.

Testing Protocols...

DTB is experienced and fully equipped to provide the many testing protocols used in the transportation and shipping industry.

  • National Safe Transit Association
  • Air Transport Association of America
  • International Safe Transit Association
  • Railroad Intermodal Loading
  • Intermodal Loading in Closed Trailers and Containers
  • Packaging of Airline Supplies
  • Cargo Inspection Systems
  • Security Seals for Shipping Containers

Testing Services for the Transportation and Shipping Market

DTB has developed test procedures for customers and in many cases has the available fixtures for performance of standardized tests. We have a full line of instrumentation available to provide our customers with the data needed for full evaluation of their products.

Packaging Testing Services

  • Packaging Testing for Leaks
  • Rough Handling Test (testing can be performed at low, ambient and high temperatures)
  • Unsupported Free Fall Drop Test
    • Flatwise Drop Test
    • Edgewise Drop Test
    • Cornerwise Drop Test
  • Rotational Corner Drop Test
  • Rotational Edge Drop Test
  • Pendulum Impact Test
  • Vibration Tests
  • Packaging Testing for Handling Characteristics
    • Mishandling by Forklift
    • Single Point Lift
    • Modified Single Point Lift
    • Hoisting Tests
    • Form and Fit Test
      • Fork Lift Truck Transport
      • Pushing Test
      • Towing Test
    • Handlift Truck Test
      • Rolling Test
      • Shock Test
      • Overload Test
  • Incline-Impact Packaging Testing
  • Concentrated Load Packaging Testing
  • Stacking Test

DTB performs a variety of environmental, dynamic and evaluation type of tests many of which are covered or similar to testing identified in MIL-STD-810.

BounceBesides the testing aspects of operations, we can provide a full spectrum of engineering services for failure investigation (root cause), product improvement, design, drafting, structural and dynamic analysis and in field evaluation of failure. We can also assist our customers in the development of the test plan, procedures, reports and item specifications for new products and their performance.


Typical Tests
  • Vibration
  • Bounce
  • Transmissibility
  • Atmospheric Pressure
  • Isolation Systems Evaluation
  • Incline Drop
  • Impact
  • Leakage
  • Conformance to Drawing
  • Structural Evaluation (Static & Fatigue)
  • Crush