DTB's accredited testing laboratory provides a complete spectrum of customized test services.

Dayton T. Brown’s accredited testing laboratory provides a complete spectrum of customized test services.

As an A2LA (Cert #s: 0767.01, 0767.02, 0767.03) and NVLAP (Lab Code 200422-0) accredited lab, we stand apart from the rest by providing a full spectrum of dynamic, environmental, electromagnetic, ballistics, acoustic noise, metallurgical; in addition to, structural, fatigue, design and engineering, program engineering and testing services that your project needs, with the innovation, integrity and dependability that you deserve; all under one roof and working 24/7.

Dayton T. Brown, Inc is the largest and most thoroughly equipped independent engineering and testing laboratory in the U.S.

No matter which industry you are a part of, the experts in our testing lab will work closely with you to provide competitive pricing, low project cost and Quality testing services.

Our customers know that in addition to time and cost savings, DTB’s independent testing lab ensures a high level of satisfaction due to strict adherence to our core values. We believe that our testing lab’s core values provide you with an unparalleled level of engineering and testing services.

A World of Engineering and Testing Under One Roof

Dynamics & Vibration - Our vibration testing facilities are comprised of 15 electrodynamic and hydraulic multi-axis shakers to provide over 24,400 N (55,000 lbf) in practically any type of vibration testing event – sine, random, sine on random, and random on random testing.

Electromagnetic, TEMPEST Testing - DTB’s outstanding staff of experienced, iNARTE certified engineers and technicians, coupled with the depth and breadth of our EMI / EMC testing facilities, can help you bring your EMI / EMC testing project to completion at a minimum of time and expense.

Environmental / Life Cycle Testing - DTB’s environmental testing capabilities are truly one of a kind. We feature forty-two environmental testing chambers covering a wide variety of environments from 8 cubic feet to 4500 cubic feet in a spacious laboratory of 300,000 square ft.

Materials & Metallurgical Testing - The most effective method of verifying a product’s performance is via materials testing, which includes materials fatigue testing. Although analytical computational methods exist to simulate how materials react under fatigue, a materials fatigue test program is still the preferred method in understanding and therefore preventing product’s fatigue failures.

Optical Testing - Among the capabilities of DTB’s optical testing laboratory is the measurement of Photometry and Radiometry of light and with light of a given object or source. Our optical testing lab has worked with a vast amount of products such as transparent armor, night vision goggles and laser visors.

Structural / Fatigue - Structural testing is used to verify the static strength, or fatigue strength of a component by applying measured loads. Testing can be done to failure, to contractual requirements or to validate finite element model predictions. DTB has successfully completed thousands of structural tests on items ranging in size and complexity from simple coupons to entire aircraft.

Windblast Testing - The unique capabilities of DTB’s windblast testing system are employed in a few types of specialized tests, as these capabilities are only available in a handful of facilities around the world.

Test Stands - Our test stands and systems are used by leading suppliers of industrial products, commercial aerospace components, and are throughout military repair and overhaul depots around the globe.

Arms, Armaments, Armor, Ammo - With over 60 years of experience DTB is able to provide NDT inspections, real-time environmental testing, product improvement and engineering evaluations.

Safety & Survival Eqt - With four decades of demonstrated high quality performance in this highly specialized field, DTB has developed all of the necessary test facilities, special test equipment, program management structure, government furnished equipment [GFE] tracking, and quality control systems necessary to perform rapid and cost-effective quality assurance testing of this most critical aspect of mission effectiveness.