Contact DTB for parts illustration, 3D interactive drawings, exploded views and to update outmoded graphics files.

Dayton T. Brown’s staff of expert technical illustrators can create new drawings to your requirements as well as converting and update legacy formats to new standards of usability. In addition to technical illustration services, DTB provides engineering and advanced 3D modeling services...

Drawing • Conversion • Animation

Our technical illustrators prepare supporting graphics for all authored technical material. The illustrators develop artwork electronically on a wide variety of native systems using the most recent releases of software. In addition to providing most native file formats, we can provide a variety of vector and raster formats according to customer need.

Our illustrators can render the most complex exploded views and functionalized wiring diagrams. Our staff of technical illustrators produces graphics from the simplest block diagrams and line conversions to the most complex. Satisfying stringent documentation requirements is our business.