DTB provides military testing services for elctronic requirements.

Management Experience

Programs require staff to write, illustrate, manage, develop, and produce final publications. DTB manages the moving parts so that clients can focus on their expertise.

Most programs will tackle surge demands, and managing a staff through those changes can be difficult. DTB’s staff includes an entire team of individuals who can support your various programs, as the demands vary.

Process Workflow

Successful programs rely on DTB’s ability to interpret data and create quality deliverables. Our process relies on an assimilation of explicit requirements and client data.

With over 50 years of experience, DTB has refined its process to express client requirements and objectives in a streamlined workflow. We take advantage of using ISO quality principles, while customizing the workflow, to handle unique client requirements so that the process can be replicated in a production environment.

Establishing a strong foundation is key. DTB applies an engineering workflow concept that adopts First Article, Production, and Validation with ongoing communication throughout the project life cycle.

DTB provides military testing services for elctronic requirements.

DTB provides military testing services for elctronic requirements.

Types of Publications

Our technical authors develop user manuals; operator guides; maintenance manuals to all levels of maintenance; removal and installation instructions; disassembly and assembly procedures; fault isolation content; test and troubleshooting procedures, including intrusive diagnostics; repair procedures; and theory of operation. Our personnel also prepare training programs, Illustrated Parts Breakdowns (IPBs) and Illustrated Parts Catalogs (IPCs), Repair Parts and Special Tools Lists (RPSTLs), component catalogs, provisioning data, wiring diagrams, and other Logistics Management Information (LMI) data.