Technical Authoring & Publishing Services

Our tech pub services include a wide selection of specialized products and a wider collection of skilled personnel.

Technical Authoring & Publishing Services

3D, MBE, Advanced Modeling Services - 3D graphics and animations convey more information more efficiently than traditional ‘flat’ drawings. Details like lighting, shadows, reflections and realistic textures make more sense to the user, especially when working with complex technical concepts.

IETM Development - IETM / IETP technology puts information where it’s needed. Faster, better and more accessible. Interactive information – on-demand electronic manuals are the most efficient, cost-effective method to control, deliver and maintain data.

Parts Catalogs - Rapid, accurate parts information is essential to your business. And, if your company does business with governmental agencies, the military, aerospace or other commercial customers, the systemic implementation of extended parts data is not optional.

Publishing Solutions - DTB provides a full spectrum of publishing services to the requirements over a wide scope of industries and objectives. Our production editors are well-versed in all publishing and authoring systems.

Standards & Specifications — S1000D - Regulatory agencies have proliferated with their requirements, S1000D is de facto, and all have added a new layer to satisfying already demanding work requirements.

Technical Authoring - DTB can create your manuals and parts catalogs. We will understand and analyze your project, authoring information in the best format for your purposes. DTB’s staff of experts provide complete technical data authoring and development capabilities from initial research to deployment.

Technical Illustration & Graphic Services - Our technical illustrators prepare supporting graphics for all authored technical material. The illustrators develop artwork electronically on a wide variety of native systems using the most recent releases of software. In addition to providing most native file formats, we can provide a variety of vector and raster formats according to customer need.

Legacy Data & Conversion - Our information management specialists convert legacy data to new specifications and create required file types and establish or supplement file repositories and existing databases.