Logistics Services

Dayton T. Brown, Inc.'s technical writers, illustrators, engineers, programmers, analysts, logisticians, and data specialists provide world-class technical documentation, information systems, training programs, and logistics data support services. We are experts in mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic equipment and can perform systems analysis, information development, technical writing, data conversions, and graphics preparation – while providing solutions for today’s sophisticated delivery requirements. Our military, aviation and aerospace, manufacturing, rail, and commercial clients count on us to manage and deliver their technical information every day.

Our Technical Services team utilizes not only the most up-to-date, but the most appropriate software and systems in order to undertake and complete your project. We are fully knowledgeable of current documentation standards and specifications, including the ever-evolving S1000D standard.

Our mission is to form the best solutions and effectively integrate them into your processes – putting your information to work for you. Our mission is your success.

Pub Services

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Technical Authoring

DTB’s team consists of highly skilled and experienced staff. Our technical writing team includes individuals who are A&P mechanics, pilots, maintainers, and engineers. Each team member has authoring experience and the know-how to provide the appropriate technical context, ensuring that you receive the highest value and expertise for graphic and content development – while meeting critical certification requirements.

Our authors are experienced in the interpretation and understanding of various source materials, including engineering drawings and bills of material, along with the analysis required for the proper interpretation and incorporation of engineering changes.

Our personnel are trained to develop accurate and comprehensive technical documentation and training programs to a broad range of requirements. DTB finances the continuous education of its personnel to ensure expertise in new and evolving technologies.

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& Graphics

Technical Illustration & Graphics

DTB’s technical illustrators can prepare supporting graphics for all authored technical material. Our illustrators electronically develop artwork on a wide variety of native systems using the most recent releases of software. In addition to providing most native file formats, we can also provide a variety of vector and raster formats based on your needs.

Our illustrating team has the ability to create new drawings to your requirements, as well as convert and update legacy formats to new standards in order to enhance usability.

DTB can render the most complex exploded views and smart schematics with traceout functionality. Our technical illustrators can produce graphics from the simplest block diagrams and line conversions to the most complex. Satisfying stringent requirements is our business.

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Legacy Data & Conversion

Our information management specialists can convert legacy data into new specifications, create required formats, and establish or supplement content from existing databases. DTB provides conversion services for customers that require an accurate and fully audited transformation of unstructured, semi-structured, or fully structured data from one standard (or non-standard) format to another.

We develop comprehensive databases for specific product applications. In addition, we employ Digital Asset Management (DAM) techniques to ensure that recurrences of the same or similar information for like applications are identified and resolved. Using DAM techniques eliminates costly redundancies in data development and sustainment, as well as assists in the configuration management process.

Our conversion projects accommodate all data and image formats. DTB’s ISO process control and long-standing experience in handling critical content conversions guarantees accurate results.

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Integration & Delivery Solutions

DTB can provide a full spectrum of publishing services in order to meet client requirements across a variety of industries. Our production editors are well versed in all publishing and authoring systems, which allow us to intersect at any point along the author-to-publish path – editing for content and accuracy, as well as prepping for output and distribution to meet your specific requirements.

We can provide your material in the format that you need – embedded, interactive, electronic, or paper. We have the resources and experience to deliver.

DTB will manage production, ensure delivery, and provide efficient and cost-effective service. Our system designers and data and software specialists will ensure that your electronic content is complete and accurate.