Contact DTB to create technical documentation, manuals, parts catalogs, interactive diagrams, IETM development and more.

Our tech pub services include a wide selection of specialized products and a wider collection of skilled personnel. Creating manuals or parts catalogs involve a number of talents — research, writing, illustration — and, just as often, may be dependent on product testing and inspection. DTB’s technical campus offers a unique blend of skills and facilities to answer these requirements.

We Create Technical PublicationsTo Your Requirements

In addition to our long experience, extensive facilities and highly skilled personnel, DTB has another unique offering — our ability to blend very specialized technical services into a solution tailored to your requirements. Engineering and testing, analysis, integrated information systems, product support along the chain and compliance to international and military standards — all of these co-dependencies may be required in a single project.

Technical Publications encompass manuals, illustrated guides, lists and documentation pertaining to specific processes, products or systems. DTB develops reliable solutions, containing costs and meeting schedules.

Technical Authoring DTB develops content for manuals, procedures, instructions, parts catalogs and any other requirements offering many methods of deployment from the printed page to fully interactive electronic technical manuals (IETM) to optimally integrate information into your process. Our long history of information development spans many decades and industries. We have specialized experience in developing training and support manuals for the military and commercial aviation and aerospace sectors.See more about technical publications for Aviation and Aerospace.

Program ManagementOur staff of experienced management staff insures that any program we support will be on-time, within budget and at the required quality standards.

Technical IllustrationOur staff of technical illustrators produce graphics from the simplest block diagrams and line conversions to complex 3D interactive graphics and systems.

Graphics Conversion ServicesConversions of graphics from native authoring and publishing systems are performed for inclusion into documents and databases. Our technical illustrators specialize in developing true, mathematically-based, vector formats from your existing raster graphics.

3D Models DTB can demonstrate how the use of 3D Modeling can benefit your support stream throughout manufacturing, tech-pubs and the complete product lifecycle.

IETM / IETP DevelopmentIETM / IETP technology puts information where you need it. Electronic manuals and parts catalogs are faster, better and more accessible to field and line personnel alike. Interactive technical manuals are the most efficient, cost-effective method to control, deliver and maintain data.

Parts ManagementEnhanced parts catalog and part management systems begin with the collection, conversion and development of data, text, technical illustrations, graphics and other media. Information is stored in formats that encourage use throughout a spectrum of applications.

Customized Publishing SolutionsWhatever your deployment requirements, the DTB Info Pros can provide the best methods of information dissemination within your enterprise. From traditional to the most advanced methodologies of publishing, the experts at Dayton T. Brown will put your information where and when you need it.

Standards and Specifications Support (S1000D, MIL-Spec, ATA) DTB Technical Services has been heavily involved with aviation and aerospace information and logistics systems, even participating in developing some of the standards in use today.

File / Data ConversionConvert legacy data to new specifications and create the required file types and establish or supplement file repositories and existing databases.

XML & SGML Compliance – Our Information Management specialists are thoroughly familiar with all aspects of XML and SGML, publishing, and DTD and style specification structure.

DTD & Stylesheet Development – DTB develops information technologies in accordance with the latest best practices of XML stylesheets and formats your electronic delivery frameworks for maximum adaptability.