Safety & Survival Equipment Testing

Their life is in your hands. That’s why you need Dayton T. Brown, Inc. to carry out thorough safety and survival equipment testing with performance and reliability evaluation of your critical safety product.

With over 50 years of demonstrated high quality performance in this highly specialized field, DTB has developed all of the necessary test facilities, special test equipment, program management structure, government furnished equipment (GFE) tracking, and quality control systems to perform rapid and cost-effective quality assurance testing on this most critical aspect of mission effectiveness.

The performance of safety and survival equipment is often a matter of life or death – it just has to work. Make sure it does by contacting DTB today.

Safety & Survival Tests

img-description img-description Windblast


For over 50 years, DTB has provided windblast testing services to evaluate aircrew safety during emergency aircraft egress.

The unique capabilities of DTB’s windblast testing system are employed in a few types of specialized tests, as these capabilities are only available in a handful of facilities around the world.

Our windblast facility produces a uniform high velocity air flow field, similar to the aerodynamic environment external to the aircraft. This type of testing is accomplished with the controlled expansion of high pressure compressed air, which exits from a rectangular nozzle. The air from the nozzle impinges upon the test item, which is mounted on the positioning turntable. The dynamic effects are recorded with high speed video cameras and a data acquisition system for analysis.

img-description img-description Aircrew Equipment

Aircrew Equipment

DTB’s safety and survival team provides the engineering and testing services required to perform developmental test and evaluation, first article, qualification, and production lot quality conformance verification testing in support of all phases of the ALSS/ALSE life cycle. Our facilities are equipped to provide all of following services necessary for the complete range of fully integrated engineering and test program support:

  • Ejection seats
  • Oxygen systems and equipment
  • Helmets and visors
  • Restraint systems
  • Life rafts and preservers
  • Personal protective equipment/systems (PPE/S)
  • Compressed gas systems/cylinders
  • Seat survival kits
  • Crashworthy troop/passenger seats

Some of the developmental test and evaluation programs for which DTB has performed safety and survival testing include:

  • Multi-platform restraint systems
  • US Air Force and Navy ejection seats
  • Integrated aircrew ensemble (IAE) for ejection seat aircraft
  • 20-person multi-place life raft
  • Crashworthy systems
  • Night vision equipment
  • Helmet-mounted displays
  • Air save survival system assembly
  • Joint helmet-mounted cueing system (JMCS)
  • Directed energy eye protection
  • Advanced tactical life support system (ATLSS)
  • Combat edge
  • Positive pressure breathing G-sensing
  • Oxygen regulators
  • Chemical, biological, and radiological (CBR) protection systems
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Air – Oxygen – Carbon Dioxide – Nitrogen – Helium – Argon – Others:

img-description img-description Equipment


Some of our life support equipment tests:

  • Helmets and helmet-mounted equipment
  • Rescue and restraint systems
  • Flight clothing, anti-exposure suits
  • Respiration systems, pressure vessels/systems
  • Oxygen equipment, converters, and generating systems
  • Chemical/Biological/Nuclear protective equipment
  • Windblast-simulated ejection test facility with 700 KEAS maximum velocity
  • Aircrew equipment evaluation, ejection seats
  • Structural integrity of ejection system components
  • Laboratory optics and laser eye protection test facility
  • Inflatable equipment test facility – rafts, preservers
img-description img-description SAFE Association

SAFE Association

DTB has been an active member of SAFE for over 50 years.

The primary objective of the SAFE Association is to stimulate research and development in the field of safety and survival and to disseminate pertinent information to concerned individuals in the government and industry. Another objective is to establish and maintain a meaningful relationship between the SAFE Association and the scientific communities related to safety and survival.

SAFE culminates each years’ activities with the annual SAFE Symposium, where DTB exhibits. Presentation topics range from desert survival, school bus design, the latest in aircraft passenger egress aids, cockpit design, and restraint systems, to international symbols related to transportation and safety, as well as crew training. Live demonstrations of the latest safety and life support equipment are also performed. The Symposium is attended by an international group of professionals who share problems and solutions in the field of safety and survival.

SAFE publishes a journal, a newsletter, and the proceedings from the annual SAFE Symposium. These publications are valuable reference sources for professionals involved in the safety and survival field.