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Parts Catalogs — Parts Management

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Interactive Parts Catalogs

Rapid, accurate parts information is essential to your business. And, if your company does business with governmental agencies, the military, aerospace or other commercial customers, the systemic implementation of extended parts data is not optional.

Customers in growing numbers expect accurate parts intelligence and reporting capabilities and it is often a requirement to do business.

Enhanced parts catalog and part management systems begin with the collection, conversion and development of data, text, technical illustrations, graphics and other media. Information is stored in formats that encourage use throughout a spectrum of applications.

Successful system design provides a data pipeline capable of feeding a variety of interface types. Most importantly, contextual data is available at any point of your operations, allowing the process to flow from the data. This approach is fundamental to a successful parts management system.

parts-catalogs-02If you already have parts catalog and provisioning capabilities, we can supplement your current staffing to handle workload surges using T1 or VPN connections and entering data directly into your parts authoring system. DTB Parts Specialists are highly experienced and skilled in the extraction of parts information from a multitude of sources including engineering data.



Some of the extended features provided by DTB:

  • Illustrated Parts Breakdown Manuals (IPBs)
  • Repair Parts / Special Tools Lists (RPSTLs)
  • Work Package IPBs
  • Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs) Types I and II
  • Web-based (XML) catalog and control formats for local and remote management of inquiries, orders, inventory, reporting and more
  • ATA Illustrated Parts Catalogs (IPC)
  • S1000D IPC


tech-illustration-rotorheadWe’ve developed an intuitive, easy to use Interactive Parts Catalog Tool which provides an interactive environment for navigating through vast quantities of parts information.

Users can access parts information by entering the manufacturer’s part numbers, contractor assigned part numbers, or any other assigned item or stock designation.

Users can also find parts information using an alphanumeric search that responds to full or partial item names. Additionally, users can visually locate parts by reviewing detailed illustrated parts breakdowns beginning at top level assemblies and drilling down to the pertinent assembly and part.

The Interactive Parts Catalog Tool includes acquisition data, part superseding and spares information, illustrations of parts, detailed parts breakdowns, and links to parts ordering systems. We can customize it to suit all requirements such as e-business applications supporting the requisitioning of parts and comprehensive inventory control.