June 11, 2018

BOHEMIA, NY - DTB has been awarded a new contract from the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) for component inspection and testing. This contract has a not-to-exceed ceiling of $5,062,500 and will run over the course of three years, with an option for two more.

“This is a great program for DTB to win, and we look forward to continuing our long-standing relationship with the DLA,” said Bill Bradshaw, Chief Engineer for Dayton T. Brown. “Our experience in this type of testing is unrivaled, and we are pleased to see that recognized with a new contract.”

The testing services to be performed on this contract are very similar to the current contract that DTB was awarded from the DLA in 2015. These testing services consist of such test programs as First Article Testing, Production Lot Testing, and other directed testing, such as investigations related to items that are the subject of Product Quality Deficiency Reports.

These efforts are used to evaluate the manufacturer's ability to conform to the requirements of the drawings and Technical Data Package, evaluate their manufacturing capability, and to ensure that DLA Land & Maritime receives parts that are acceptable and consistent in quality throughout the production run. Special tests may be required in order to evaluate specific problems, new developments, new materials, changes in processes, or to evaluate parts in stock, which may be suspect or of unknown quality.

DTB has been working closely with the Defense Logistics Agency and its predecessor organization for over 25 years. The work will principally be performed at DTB’s Bohemia, NY test facility.

Dayton T. Brown Wins APSD Contract

About Dayton T. Brown, Inc.

Dayton T. Brown, Inc. (DTB) has been synonymous with the pursuit of excellence and customer service for over 65 years. As a leader in the fields of engineering, testing, and technical services, DTB has gained national respect and recognition. The Company was founded in 1950 and is headquartered on 32 acres in Bohemia, NY. Today, the Company is comprised of two divisions, whose operations are widely diversified.

The Engineering & Test Division conducts tests on aerospace and defense systems, life support and survival equipment, and automobile, rail, transit, and other systems. Standalone engineering services include component and system evaluation, design and fabrication of specialized test equipment, field data acquisition, instrument calibration, design and failure analysis, preparation of test procedures, product improvement services, and reverse engineering services.

The Technical Services Division provides technical documentation, communication, and logistics/maintenance planning services. Typical publication and graphic art services include technical writing, technical illustration and graphics, data conversions, and parts listing. Logistics services include parts provisioning, supportability analysis, level of repair analysis, and other maintenance planning services.