Materials & Metallurgical Testing Services

Materials Testing

The most effective method of verifying a product’s performance is via materials testing, which includes materials fatigue testing. Although analytical computational methods exist to simulate how materials react under fatigue, a materials fatigue test program is still the preferred method in understanding and therefore preventing product’s fatigue failures.

Metallurgical Lab

DTB is a full-service metallurgical laboratory performing detailed parts inspections and comprehensive root cause failure investigations ranging from aircraft structural components to electronics packaging, test programs in corrosion-fatigue, corrosion analysis and control, wear, abrasion and erosion evaluations, coating replacement studies, weld evaluations, reverse engineering programs and the development of advanced non-destructive techniques.

Composite Materials Testing

DTB has long experience and specializes in structural analysis, simulations and testing of both metallic and composite materials. And, our comprehensive facilities and professional staff can offer fast and flexible scheduling for your composite materials testing.