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Material Selection

Contact DTB for experienced analysis, reporting and recommendations for alternative material selection.

Alternate Material Selection

Material SelectionDTB has the demonstrated capability to define alternate material selection for product and reliability improvement programs, reverse and re-engineering programs, maintenance improvement programs and other programs that seek different levels of material performance.

DTB has experience in the aircraft, shipboard, and transportation marketplace as well as the energy and utility area. As a result we are familiar with all ferrous alloys (eg: high strength steels, cast irons, stainless steels), nickel alloys, copper alloys, aluminum alloys and titanium alloys.

DTB has experience with various coating techniques and compositions. This expertise allows us to design components for specific applications, ie: wear, corrosion, erosion, high temperature, fatigue, impact or other unique/harsh environments. Material selection is tailored to the properties required by the application, which then can be simulated in our laboratory evaluated and proven for a particular application.