Consumer Electronics Testing

Consumer Electronics Testing

Whether you are interested in a special niche or attempting to grow laterally in multiple markets, DTB can show you the way. We can help qualify your product the right way, using thorough product testing techniques.

With DTB’s help, your Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) product may be destined for use in the military after being “ruggedized” for environmental and dynamic toughness, and your electronics may be applied to new applications with the right EMI shielding.

Some of our product testing services include:

Technical Authoring, Illustration, Manuals, and Procedures

DTB’s Technical Services Division is capable of authoring information systems to support new equipment, as well as updating existing documentation to evolving standards and client expectations.

DTB can supply all of the talent necessary to fully author installation, operation, and maintenance manuals for all types of electronic components, equipment, and systems. Our staff of experienced technical writers and illustrators can create new or update existing documentation to any requirements.

From installation manuals to Parts Catalogs, material can be provided in any and all formats – paper, electronic, or interactive information systems. We can develop Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs) to any standards and requirements.

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Technical Publications