A complete range of environmental factors can be simulated for reliable test results:
Altitude TestingCombined Environments – Explosive Atmosphere – Explosive Decompression
Fluid Compatibility – Fungus Test – Salt, Fog & Ice – Sand & Dust – Solar Radiation
Temperature – Thermal Vacuum – Wind, Rain and Humidity

Accelerated Life Cycle & Environmental Testing

Environmental Simulation & Product Life Testing Services

Product success is measured by a predictable performance. Accelerated testing, cycling, aging, exposure, environmental factors, every type of wear and tear, use and abuse can be quantified, measured and analyzed.

  • Collected intelligence can prove and improve your product and documenting its performance.
  • Design analysis coupled with performance testing in dynamic environments can be a significant predictor of product success.
  • DTB’s life cycle testing services can project product life before failure, and uncover opportunities to enhance design and focus improvement efforts only on product vulnerabilities.

Life Cycle Testing with Environmental Exposure

AT DTB, environmental exposure testing has been conducted on many types of products, both commercial and military. Even for large systems DTB can develop appropriate regimes of realistically challenging environments to add to life cycle tests.

Salt fog, SO2 (acid rain) exposure, dust, sand or ground metallic dust are all examples of contaminants that we have used to provide aggressive environments for testing.

On large components this testing can be broken out by testing smaller coupons with the results applied to the larger system through the use of “knockdown factors”. This can reduce testing time and expense by allowing large components to be tested under laboratory conditions while maintaining confidence of system performance, overall, under specific adverse environments.