DTB creates IETMs for all requirements, military or commercial.

IETM Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals

DTB Technical Services Division can develop interactive electronic technical manuals to any standards and requirements. Contact DTB with your project information to see how we can help.

IETM Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals

IETM / IETP technology puts information where it’s needed. Faster, better and more accessible. Interactive information – on-demand electronic manuals are the most efficient, cost-effective method to control, deliver and maintain data. Properly authored IETM allow operators and maintenance personnel to locate needed information far more rapidly than paper manuals. The information is often displayed locally to the problem (on-board systems, for example) and visual information intuitively presented typically supplies a speedier resolution.

DTB provides complete IETM authoring capabilities —
We research, write, illustrate and publish.

IETM – Control Your Information

From the authoring and updating side, complete IETM systems allow information authors to improve control of content and to distribute changes and updates quickly. A paperless, interactive environment of contextual information can drive faster and more accurate responses throughout your process.

DTB can re-purpose your existing legacy data, develop new elements and integrate everything into a flexible information-on-demand system responsive to your environment’s requirements.


100's and 100's of IETMs — Years and Years of Experience


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Technical Writing Services

Dayton T. Brown provides a full range of technical and testing services to all areas of the aviation and aerospace industries. We have implemented comprehensive testing, technical publications programs and logistics support services for the most demanding airframe manufacturers, suppliers and completions centers in the world.

Technical Illustration Services

Our graphic and illustration services range from the conversion of legacy graphic file types to the development of ‘intelligent graphics‘ that enhance the use and users’ connectivity with the flow of information. We can start from scratch, creating new drawings of your parts and processes or re-purpose your existing computer graphic files for reuse in new systems.

Structured Data Development

Data authored to today’s standards is adaptable, and can be used and reused at any point downstream. XML and SGML often provide the framework for the flexible utilization of information, connecting your resources to the most advantageous point of use. DTB’s teams specialize in these and many other structured data formats, authoring to all required standards, such as S1000D, MIL standards and more.