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DTB Markets: Heavy Equipment & Off-Highway

Contact DTB to discuss the advantages we can provide to heavy equipment and off-road industries.

Heavy Equipment Manufacturers have sourced DTB’s Technical Services Division many times over the years. Our contributions to compliance and efficiency include IETMs, operator manuals and parts catalogs.

off highway testing services

Testing and Technical Authoring Services for Off-Highway Equipment

Off highway testing services and technical documentation requirements for heavy equipment have changed dramatically over the past decade. As equipment functionality and performance have rapidly evolved, so have the demands for safety standards, supporting documentation an expectations of equipment performance and operational life expectancies.

Advanced information systems are often a key differentiator between competitive products. Today’s world-class heavy equipment requires world-class technical documentation.

We develop technical documentation for all facets of the heavy equipment industry, especially for electronic controls and hydraulic systems. Regardless the size or complexity of your equipment, DTB’s team of documentation experts will analyze requirements, perform all necessary data collection and verification, and develop documentation that complements the quality and performance of your heavy equipment. We also have our own 10,000 square feet equipment tear-down facility for equipment analysis and technical manual validation.

DTB develops and delivers technical documentation in virtually all standard printed, electronic and IETM (Interactive Electronic Technical Manual) formats. Heavy equipment documentation is developed for all critical areas such as:

Production & Operation
• Installation and Assembly
• Parts and Provisioning
• Training Program Manuals
• Operation Manuals
• Repair and Overhaul Guides
• Quality Control Manuals
• Maintenance Manuals
• Service Pricing Guides
Construction Equipment
• 4WD Loaders
• Backhoe Loaders / Compact Loaders
• Excavators
• Motor Graders
• Pavers
• Skid Steer Loaders
• 4WD Tractors
• Precision Farming Equipment / GPS
• Combines
• Forestry
• Feller Bunchers
• Cotton Pickers
Material Handling Equipment / Components
• Forklifts / Hydrostatic Drives
• Cranes / Axles