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DTB  Markets: U.S. Governmental Agencies

Contact DTB to discuss the specialized services we can provide for governmental agencies.

Typical Tests —

Some specific types of testing we perform for all of these departments are:

  • Body Armor Testing
  • Retention Holsters
  • Metallic Handcuffs
  • Metal Detectors
  • In-Car Video
  • Small Arms Ammunition and testing
  • Taser Testing
  • Transparent Armor Testing
  • Riot Gear Testing
  • Electronic Surveillance System testing

One of the steps in testing body armor for law-enforcement use.

Department of Homeland Security, DoJ and other Government Sectors

Like the Department of Justice, The Department of Homeland Security was developed to protect the US from threats and hazards we encounter everyday. In addition to conventional law enforcement activities, their mission is to insure the safety of our boarders, improve response and recovery time from disasters, as well as protecting us against terrorism. With such a diverse and important task at hand the DHS relies on multiple agencies to continue to achieve their mission. The threats that they prepare for can happen at any moment, which is why the DHS has to always be aware and prepared.

Here at DTB we understand that, which is why our facilities are open 24 hours 7 days a week to help meet the needs of DOJ, DHS and State and local Law enforcement.

All government agencies play a great role in the success of America and DTB has had the privilege to help support many of them continuously over the years. DOE, DOT, NASA, Postal Service, and the Department of the Interior are among them.

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With almost 60 years of experience DTB is your one stop shop for all of your testing needs. With our extensive laboratory facilities, equipment and shooting ranges, Dayton T. Brown, Inc. provides environmental testing, EMI/EMC testing, optical testing, dynamics and vibration testing, as well as reverse engineering.