DTB can create brand new graphics, documentation and data files for you using your existing files as a basis. Updating files in this manner efficiently utilizes your current assets, often saving time and reducing costs.

Repurpose legacy file formats and outmoded data

Our information management specialists convert legacy data to new specifications and create required file types and establish or supplement file repositories and existing databases. DTB provides conversion services for customers requiring the accurate and fully audited transformation of unstructured, semi-structured, or fully-structured data from one standard or non-standard format to another.

We develop comprehensive databases for specific product applications. In addition, we employ Digital Asset Management (DAM) techniques to ensure that recurrences of the same or similar information for like applications are identified and resolved. Using DAM techniques eliminates costly redundancies in data development, sustainment, and assists in the configuration management process.

Our conversion projects accommodate all data and image formats — click here to see how we can convert and update your graphics.

Our ISO process control and long-standing experience in handling critical content conversions guarantees accurate results.