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DTB Frequently Asked Questions — and Answers

The most difficult aspect of explaining Dayton T. Brown’s capabilities is the scope of our services. A few sentences are insufficient to convey the diversity of our experience, the range of our facilities and the expertise of our personnel. But, there is a common ground from which we can begin — our efforts are equally important to both our clients and the people at DTB.

Following are a few of the frequently asked questions about Dayton T. Brown.

I need a simple product test — can DTB help?

Yes. We regularly perform basic, fast turnaround product testing such as breaking strength. Visit this page to tell us what your testing requirements are, from simple performance tests to complex, custom evaluations and reporting.

What type of product support do you provide?
Complete. DTB offers service at every point of the product lifecycle. From development and best production practices to predictive maintenance and manuals, we have the experience, facilities and people to support your project every step of the way. We do have a lengthy list of DTB services here — but beware — it is lengthy.
My products need to comply with specific standards —
We can do that. Understanding specific industry, international and military standards is a mainstay of Dayton T. Brown. Our experts will test and provide the certification and guidance you need to bring your product to full compliance. And, if there’s a problem, we can develop cost-effective solutions to satisfy requirements and your bottom line.



The best place to begin is to contact an expert at DTB with the details of your project or complete our online inquiry form.

Does DTB manufacture any items?
Yes. Generally as part of DTB’s ‘everything under one roof‘ approach. We provide prototype services and specialized test stand and equipment manufacture. DTB is also an excellent choice for contract manufacturing as we consolidate procurement, assembly and product testing in one location.