Engineering & Analysis at DTB

The engineering services staff at Dayton T. Brown works closely with our customers to ensure that all aspects of the test facility design and ultimate operation completely satisfies customer requirements

Engineering Services & Analysis

Failure Analysis - Thorough and reliable failure analysis typically requires a multidisciplinary approach. To comprehensively test, analyze, report and recommend, DTB is staffed with degreed and accredited experts in areas important to military, commercial and governmental requirements.

Inspection Services - Non-destructive inspections can be undertaken in our NDI inspection and NDT testing facility. Our experts can perform non-destructive inspection on your part to confirm continued conformance to technical data by using liquid penetrant and magnetic particle NDI techniques.

Material Selection - DTB has the demonstrated capability to define alternate material selection for product and reliability improvement programs, reverse and re-engineering programs, maintenance improvement programs and other programs that seek different levels of material performance.

Prototyping Services - Prototyping can be an important part of product design, allowing our engineers to develop and test improvements to existing designs or in creating new products. In some cases, a series of prototypes will be designed, constructed and tested. This, in turn, refines the design before it is put into production.

Research & Development Services - DTB provides a complete line of contract research and development (R&D) services in a broad range of areas. Our staff of multidisciplinary experts and extensive testing and US-based manufacturing facilities provide the perfect environment to efficiently further your enterprise.

Reverse Engineering / Design for Manufacture, Product Revaluation - DTB prides itself in performing high quality inspection and design work. Our exacting measurements and attention to detail result in engineered prototypes of higher value with more detail, improved durability and better performance.

Structural & Stress Analysis - Structural analysis is important because it can evaluate whether a specific structural design will be able to withstand external and internal stresses and forces expected for the design. Dayton T. Brown has a proven track record in structural analysis, testing and simulation. In many structural tests, subjects are strain gauged and calibrated.

Supplier Selection - DTB’s supplier evaluation and selection process can be a critical part of product and process improvement, whether you are searching for sources or providing services and materials. Determining reliability and integration into the cost model, as well as mission-specific selection criteria, suitable sources in your supply chain are of paramount importance to your success