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Electronics Markets We Serve

EMI Testing / EMC Testing

Experienced EMI / EMC testing can reliably predict product performance in any electromagnetic environment. Testing can also determine the possibility of interference with other equipment and may be required to comply with regulations or for informational and product-improvement purposes.

DTB provides experienced and cost-effective testing regimens for electronics products.

Electronic Testing, Technical Documentation and Logistics for Markets Including:

Consumer Electronics – Whether you are after a special niche or attempting to grow laterally to multiple markets, DTB can show you the way. We can help you prove out your product the right way, using thorough product testing techniques.

IT / Telecom / NEBS – Dayton T. Brown, Inc. can assist your networking and telecommunications product development needs by either tailoring a unique electronic testing protocol for you or by testing your products to standardized regimens such as NEBS.

Medical Devices – Our engineering services group will assist you with “designing in” reliability and robustness by tailoring a unique test protocol to evaluate potential failure modes. For electronic equipment we can also validate EMI/EMC issues at the prototype stage before large investments are made on your part. We can also assist with complete design verification testing after prior R&D gates have been satisfied.