This page lists dynamic tests we perform, any of which may be combined with a complete range of environmental simulations for reliable product testing – especially to methods of MIL-STD-810. See our environmental testing capabilities.

Dynamics & Vibration Testing

Dynamic and Vibration Testing

Vibration testing can help ensure that your new design will survive its intended environment. Submitting your product for vibration testing or vibration analysis pays for itself by reducing field return costs through improved product reliability.

Our vibration testing facilities are comprised of 15 electrodynamic and hydraulic multi-axis shakers to provide over 24,400 N (55,000 lbf) in practically any type of vibration testing event – sine, random, sine on random, and random on random testing.

All vibrations and impulses are not alike. Per your product’s requirements, DTB can either reference industry standards or design a unique vibration or shock testing profile, using a wide variety of methodologies and test equipment in our extensive facilities.

Our electromagnetic shakers, electro-hydraulic actuators or eccentric mass vibration test generators are used in forced vibration testing, and can be applied in steady state, transient or random vibration to produce the required motions or responses for our vibration analysis.