Customized Publishing Solutions

DTB manages production, assures delivery and provides efficient and cost-effective service. Working with system designers, data and software specialists, we will ensure your electronic content is complete and accurate.

Electronic – Interactive • Local – Remote Information Publishing

DTB provides a full spectrum of publishing services to the requirements over a wide scope of industries and objectives. Our production editors are well-versed in all publishing and authoring systems. We can intersect at any point along the author-to-publish path, editing for content and accuracy and prepping for out put and distribution to specific requirements. DTB’s technical services products are the result of practiced attention to detail processes monitored throughout multistep pre-production processes.
Author and publish – DTB can provide your material in the form you need – paper, pictures and pixels – and we have the resources and experience to deliver.

Publishing Formats

DTB provides publishing services in any format type required, including:

  • EMBEDDED – Our specialists provide content via embedded devices such as weapon systems, intrusive diagnostic programs, kiosks, manufacturing control consoles, test stands and many other platforms.
  • INTERACTIVE – We specialize in interactive electronic publication and support customers requiring information delivery in government or proprietary formats. Our editors work with ETM, IETM, and IETP content in native or mark-up format
  • ELECTRONIC – We publish content for electronic documentation as Adobe Acrobat PDF files or customer-specific formats including Index PDF (IPDF).
  • PAPER – We provide paper-based publication services for change-related publications such as technical manuals, maintenance manuals, user guides, and flight-line documentation among many other items.