Ballistics Testing

Dayton T. Brown, Inc.’s 100 m indoor shooting range is here to support your weapons, ammunition, and component testing needs – in accordance with ANSI/SAAMI specifications. Our range provides real-time environmental testing for small and medium caliber weapons.

Furthermore, DTB also offers a number of complementary services to ensure that your weapon can withstand the harshest environments. We can test for corrosion, ruggedness, and lubricant compatibility to help you determine the operational life of your weapon.

Some of our ammunition tests include shots in bare gelatin, heavy clothing (FBI specification), steel, wallboard, plywood, and laminated automobile safety glass. DTB utilizes 10% ordnance gelatin.

Ballistics Tests

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Our test equipment meets ANSI/SAAMI specification requirements.

Ammunition Services:

  • Custom cartridge development
  • Rigorous FBI ammunition testing
  • Pressure and velocity qualification
  • Testing performed in ballistics gelatin – including shots in bare gelatin, heavy clothing (FBI specification), steel, wallboard, plywood, and laminated automobile safety glass
  • Material analysis performed in our metallurgical laboratory
  • Real-time evaluations and problem-solving performed by our engineering and chemical specialists
  • Fragmentation analysis
  • High speed video
  • Shot velocities captured by Oehler chronograph
  • Hardness testing
  • Reloading center for on-site adjustments and load development

Ammunition Standards:

  • SAAMI Z299.1 – Pressure and Velocity of Rimfire Sporting Ammunition for the Use of Commercial Manufacturers, 1992
  • SAAMI Z299.2 – Pressure and Velocity of Shotshell Ammunition for the Use of Commercial Manufacturers, 1992
  • SAAMI Z299.3 – Pressure and Velocity of Centerfire Pistol and Revolver Ammunition for the Use of Commercial Manufacturers, 1993
  • SAAMI Z.299.4 – Pressure and Velocity of Centerfire Rifle Sporting Ammunition for the Use of Commercial Manufacturers, 1992
  • TOP-4-2-016 – Ammunition, Small Arms
  • MIL-DTL-1217D – Cartridge, Caliber .30: Armor Piercing, M2
  • MIL-DTL-3066D – Cartridges, Caliber .50: Armor Piercing Incendiary, M8; and Armor Piercing Incendiary Tracer, M20
  • MIL-P-3984 – Propellant for Small Arms Ammunition

Recoil Test and Analysis – customized for any small arms weapon:

  • Pistols, rifles
  • Tri-axial acceleration
  • Strain gaging
  • Velocity and displacement measurements
  • High speed camera work
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DTB has a fully equipped ballistics test lab that meets the requirements of NIJ Standard-0101.06.

The National Institute of Justice (NIJ), in accordance with NIJ Standard-0101.06, calls for environmental testing in order to subject body armor to simulated conditions of heat, moisture, and mechanical damage.

Improvements to this standard are the result of an extensive engineering study to address real-world conditions that can degrade body armor performance. NIJ Standard-0101.06 takes into account the degradation of armor over time and includes specifications for temperature, humidity levels, water immersion, and mechanical agitation.

DTB can perform all environmental and ballistics armor tests to MIL-STD-810, ATPD 2352, NIJ Standard-0101.06, and NIJ Standard 0108.01, as well as provide confirmation testing for law enforcement and corrections agencies. We can also perform R&D testing for body armor manufacturers, including UV exposure and salt exposure.

Standardized tests are not always the most effective way to ensure failure-free operation of armor after exposure to repetitive environmental and vibration, or shock, cycles. We can develop customized accelerated life test protocols to simulate worse-case conditions for different types of armor. Whether the armor is metallic, polymeric, or ceramic, we can create an appropriate accelerated life test to simulate over a decade of field use.

img-description img-description Armored Vehicles

Armored Vehicles

We can provide complete and efficient armored vehicle evaluations with our vehicle-sized chambers, as well as our 24 ft. (W) x 100 m ballistics range. Our drive-in chambers can determine your vehicle’s reliability after environmental exposure and live fire testing. We can also test your vehicle systems for electromagnetic performance.

The testing of armored vehicles, or components of armored vehicles, is typically performed using applicable standards, such as MIL-STD-810, UL 752, and ATPD 2352.

img-description img-description Indoor Shooting Range Services

Indoor Shooting Range Services

DTB can test up to .50 caliber weapons and can create custom backstops for larger caliber armor resistance testing. We can perform endurance, reliability, accuracy, functional, fit check, wear evaluations, and proof testing on your equipment.

Indoor Shooting Range Services:

DTB’s shooting range services meet all federal, state, and local licensing requirements. We follow a strict code of rules and regulations in order to keep our customers safe and satisfied. DTB maintains all of the support range services necessary to complete your small arms and ammunition testing in the most efficient manner. Indoor testing provides privacy, security, and a competitive advantage to our customers.

DoD Compliant and Approved:

  • DoD Manual 5100.76
  • DoD Manual 4145.26
  • DoD Manual 5220.22M
  • FAR Part 45 – Government Property
img-description img-description Law Enforcement &
Tactical Training

Law Enforcement & Tactical Training

Law Enforcement Training:

With our 24/7 facility, securing time for training is more convenient and flexible for the working law enforcement agent. Here at DTB, we’ll work with you to provide a facility that can assist with your training needs. Our range offers an alternative training setting for weapons and accessories in a controlled environment.

We also offer the opportunity for you to demonstrate your products on-site. Our facility is equipped with a meeting room that can hold up to 200 visitors. We also have high speed video capabilities and offer complete demo preparation assistance. DTB’s convenient location for tri-state law enforcement will help your product get the recognition that it deserves.

Tactical Training:

Our indoor shooting range can also be used for our customers’ tactical training sessions. Tactical training courses take place inside the range, where the customer brings his or her personnel and equipment in order to participate in the training. If interested, please visit our Contact page to let us know your tactical training needs and how we can help.

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Our 100 m indoor shooting range provides real-time environmental testing for small and medium caliber weapons. Our test equipment meets minimum ANSI/SAAMI specifications, which will enable you to confirm whether or not your weapons perform with the reliability, functionality, velocity, and accuracy needed when used in adverse conditions.

Weapons Testing and Evaluation Services:

  • High volume proof testing of handgun and rifle components
  • R&D test and evaluation – reliability, failure analysis, fatigue, extreme environmental performance
  • Barrel coating model analysis and durability testing
  • 100 m accuracy testing – barrels to minimum ANSI/SAAMI specifications
  • Weapons durability and functionality testing
  • Weapons failure analysis and improvement programs
  • Weapons accessory evaluation – shot counter, laser sights, scopes, tactical lights, recoil systems
  • Metallurgical evaluation
  • Polymer/Composite evaluation
  • Real-time environmental testing

DTB’s expertise in the fields of engineering and testing can help you perform a full evaluation of your weapon’s performance, as well as provide you with product improvement considerations. Tests for corrosion, ruggedness, and lubricant compatibility will help you determine the operational life of your product.

Gun Standards:

  • TOP 3-2-045 – Small Arms – Hand and Shoulder Weapons and Machineguns
  • NIJ Standard-0112.03 – Autoloading Pistols for Police Officers, 1998
  • SAAMI Z.299.5 – Criteria for Evaluation of New Firearms Designs Under Conditions of Abusive Mishandling for the Use of Commercial Manufacturers, 1996
  • MIL-G-1298A – Guns, Machine; Calibre .50, Browning, M2, Heavy Barrel