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About Dayton T. Brown

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Dayton T. Brown 32-acre corporate, technical and laboratory campus in New York features the largest and most thoroughly equipped independent engineering and testing laboratory in the U.S.

Confidentiality & Impartiality


At DTB, we know the importance in keeping your testing information private. Therefore, all of the work we perform for our customers is kept confidential. Our independent testing lab ensures a high level of satisfaction due to strict adherence to our core values.

Also, being an objective third party test lab ensures that we are impartial to any and all of our customers. Here at DTB, our customers can feel safe knowing that we view confidentiality as a very important matter and we treat our customer’s equally!

For Over 60 Years —

About DTB – We are proud of the contributions DTB has made to technological advancements and standards in so many types of industries around the world. We are also particularly proud of our efforts for our armed forces and those of our allies, to provide increased security and to do it more safely with technological advantages.

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dtb-people-01The People of Dayton T. Brown

Since 1950, Dayton T. Brown’s staff of engineering, laboratory and technical specialists have provided world-class support solutions to government, military and commercial enterprises around the world.

Of course, the success of our business, and of your project, is the result of our people. DTB has been fortunate over many years in attracting individuals that cultivate a climate of learning, endeavor and reliability.

Our staff of in-house engineers, technical information and logistics specialists, designers, and technicians consists of individuals with many years of experience, the highest levels of education and a broad range of technical skills. Many of our personnel hold degrees in their various areas of expertise such as aerospace technologies, mechanical and electrical engineering, materials science, A&P technology, vehicle technologies, computer / information science, language and publishing technologies.



structural-test-04Engineering & Analysis Services

Dayton T. Brown prides itself in providing high-quality engineering and analysis services for government agencies, commercial enterprises and military projects. DTB operates the largest and most thoroughly equipped independent engineering and testing laboratory in the U.S. We engineer a full-range of solutions, including:


  • 3D Advanced Modeling, Part Scanning and Model Based Enterprise
  • Inspection, Reverse Engineering, Product Evaluation & Improvement
  • Prototype Design
  • Structural and Stress Analysis, Fatigue & Failure Prediction


  test-01Testing Services and Laboratories Dayton T. Brown’s A2LA Accredited Lab provides a full gamut of testing services, recording results in virtually any simulated environment. Our large and experienced staff of subject-matter specialists have tested military and commercial equipment to all requirements.

  • DTB lab facilities can accommodate simple product performance to complex testing.
  • We provide a full spectrum of dynamic and vibration testing, material, optical, structural, electromagnetic, fatigue, ballistics, metallurgical, and advanced windblast testing.
  • Our lab has extensive environmental simulation capabilities to test product performance in the most reliable fashion.

Whatever the need, Dayton T. Brown is equal to the task.  

customer-program-wheelAdvanced Logistic Services


Dayton T. Brown’s Logistic Services encompasses the complete product life cycle — needs analysis and development, support, maintenance and provisioning. DTB logistic matrices can comply with specific standards from the start and include integrated information systems predicting and extending reliable product life.

Visit our Logistics Services listings to review DTB’s specialized services.



PG-3D-02-AutomobileTechnical Services, Authoring and Information Deployment

Dayton T. Brown has supplied expert information services to military, government and industry for more than 60 years. DTB subject matter experts author parts, operator and maintenance manuals in all forms from paper to all classes of IETM. We develop and deploy interactive information systems that can be integrated at any point in your process, compliant with any requirements and contain your previously compiled data assets.

Our experience in the development of advanced information methodologies can guarantee new efficiency in your enterprise, evidenced in new profitability and obvious in economies of time and expense.