About Dayton T. Brown, Inc.

DTB’s 32-acre corporate, laboratory, and technical campus in New York features the largest and most thoroughly equipped independent engineering and testing lab in the US.


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DTB is headquartered in Bohemia, NY with offices and facilities in Pax River, MD and Shelton, CT.

For Over 65 Years...

Dayton T. Brown, Inc. (DTB) has been synonymous with the pursuit of excellence and customer service for over 65 years. As a leader in the fields of engineering, testing, and technical services, DTB has gained national respect and recognition. The Company was founded in 1950 and currently resides on 32 acres in Bohemia, NY.

DTB began operations in a plant of approximately 16,000 square feet in Copiague, NY. Founded by Dayton T. Brown, Sr. as a manufacturing sheet metal operation, the Company expanded into testing in 1952 and technical services in 1966. As the Company grew, DTB purchased land in nearby Bohemia, NY and moved the operations to this location in two major stages in the 1960s. The Company has remained a privately held corporation since its inception.

DTB has grown steadily since its inception in 1950. Today, the Company is comprised of two divisions, whose operations are widely diversified.

The Engineering and Test Division conducts tests on aerospace and defense systems, life support and survival equipment, and automobile, rail, transit, and other systems. We also provide standalone engineering services, such as component and system evaluation, design and fabrication of specialized test equipment, field data acquisition, instrument calibration, design and failure analysis, preparation of test procedures, product improvement services, and reverse engineering services.

The Technical Services Division provides technical documentation and communication services. Typical publication and graphic art services include technical writing, technical illustration and graphics, data conversions, parts listing, provisioning, and logistics services.

In both divisions, our efforts are focused on customer service and staying true to our core values of honesty, trust, and integrity. At Dayton T. Brown, we are the partner that you can trust to handle both your straightforward tasks to your most complex projects. Give us a call today or request a quote to learn more!