Metallurgical & Materials Analysis

Analyses & Evaluations

DTB provides analyses and evaluations on a wide range of products, such as aircraft landing gear, transparent armor, transit system airbags, rail power/signal transmission cables, bearings, compressors, oxygen breathing apparatus, COPVs, bus chassis, bomb racks, missile launchers, fasteners, rail car couplers, crane pendants, fatigue analysis, shot peening, O-rings, aircraft actuators, welds and brazes, heat exchangers, air filters, gears, rotary wing pylon mounts, automotive exhausts, explosively-bonded joints, gun barrels, gas masks, and more.

Facilities & Equipment

  • AES with full suite of calibration standards
  • GC/QMS
  • Optical metallographs
  • Stereomicroscopes
  • High resolution digital imaging
  • Full range of metallographic sample preparation
  • Etching hoods
  • Hardness (bulk, micro, superficial, scleroscoptic, ultrasonic)
  • Indexed borescopes with UV
  • Eddy current
  • Battery tester
  • Aging ovens
  • Viscosimetry
  • Non-destructive plating/coating thickness
  • Carbon coater
  • Gold/Palladium sputter coater
  • Sectioning and mounting
  • Low damage sectioning
  • Extensive database and library of specifications